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Revenue generation with digital transformation requires effective collaborative engagements. Too often, only parts of the organization realize the benefits of digitization (e.g., IT, Marketing, etc.). Capitalize on our decades of experience and create exceptional results with effective collaboration to become more effective and execute actions in days or weeks rather than months. We have the expertise in business, military and government.

Our team has worked in austere conditions and boardrooms alike. We are authors and speakers with doctoral degrees who work on the most difficult digital challenges. Established in 2007, we are providing strategic insight to leading corporations, governments, and agencies around the world.



Generate twice the revenue in half the time. Optimize the firm’s people and deliver actionable intelligence with structured collaboration.  We have facilitated thousands of sessions all over the world, with outstanding results. Leaders in the C-suite, general officers and directors employ us to leverage the knowledge and experience of large, diverse groups. Collective intelligence allows for high quality decisions, in less time, with a greater level of buy-in from the organization.

Facilitation research has consistently shown revenue increases, cost reductions, and passionate “buy-in” during execution. We partner with you to engage the right people across time and space to make critical decisions. Our team works globally with  Fortune 500 corporations such as Toyota, USAA financial services, UNS Energy, and IBM. We also have led unique groups in war-torn Bosnia-Herzegovina on economic reconstruction, as well as the United Nations and various governments.


Digital tools are changing the way we work, communicate, and sell. These new opportunities and challenges drive the Digital Transformation of Enterprises. The digital economy is entering a new age that presents unprecedented challenges for all CEOs.

Our consultants enable organizations to harness strengths and mitigate challenges with digitization. A laser focus on digital transformation can
extend reach, improve decisions, and speed the development of products.

A coach with experience  designing, developing and integrating software with agile, scrum, and waterfall methods can make the difference with large development projects. Learn to be efficient when working with your development teams.

Train & Educate

Efficient digital transformation requires an element of training and education. Decades of experience, as well as our doctoral training as educators, make us an exceptional choice to complete your digital transformation package. We develop and deliver what you need, when you need it, experiences with all types of organizations led us to conclude that critical cognitive and social aspects of transformation are often ignored or downplayed in favor of purely technical solutions.

Besides the base digital transformation training, education and speaking on facilitation, technology and integration, our team engages a number of diverse topics in the digital world. We have created collaboration technology for Cyber Operations with real-time training. Our early contribution to the transformation of Network-Enabled Operations lead to worldwide series of education and training sessions. The team created seminal training in deception detection with gamification elements and software algorithms to capture behavior.

Our varied backgrounds in communication, engineering, and information systems give us a unique ability to develop improved technologies and processes for digital transformation. The team has experience working in the C-suite of the largest firms and has deployed on Navy ships, spending weeks and months at sea. Air Force, Army and Marine personnel use our services and allow us to eat fine powdery dust with them around the globe.


Humans are born collaborators, we are social animals and almost every worthwhile achievement is a result of group effort. We are authorities in digital transformation that disrupt leadership with the challenge to produce and execute collaboratively.  Today’s digital world is collaboration, we are the experts you need to make more money in the digital world. Our team facilitates billion dollar decisions, develops collaboration software for cyber operation centers and uses innovation to execute multi-national operations. 1