Train & Educate

Efficient digital transformation requires an element of training and education. Decades of experience, as well as our doctoral training as educators, make us an exceptional choice to complete your digital transformation package. We develop and deliver what you need, when you need it, experiences with all types of organizations led us to conclude that critical cognitive and social aspects of transformation are often ignored or downplayed in favor of purely technical solutions.

Besides the base digital transformation training, education and speaking on facilitation, technology and integration, our team engages a number of diverse topics in the digital world. We have created collaboration technology for Cyber Operations with real-time training. Our early contribution to the transformation of Network-Enabled Operations lead to worldwide series of education and training sessions. The team created seminal training in deception detection with gamification elements and software algorithms to capture behavior.

Our varied backgrounds in communication, engineering, and information systems give us a unique ability to develop improved technologies and processes for digital transformation. The team has experience working in the C-suite of the largest firms and has deployed on Navy ships, spending weeks and months at sea. Air Force, Army and Marine personnel use our services and allow us to eat fine powdery dust with them around the globe.